Prenatal Yoga

Saturdays 10.30am

Recommended any time from 12 to 40+ weeks stage of pregnancy.

Yoga is a great tool for maintaining a toned body and a clear, relaxed mind during your pregnancy and create the perfect environment for your baby to develop and grow.

The different postures help ease tightness and tensions in the muscles while the breathing techniques work on a deeper energetic and mental level to release fears, anxiety and to calm and clear the mind.

A regular Prenatal Yoga is also very useful to prevent common pregnancy alignments such as backache, sciatica, insomnia, swollen hands and ankles and can help with heartburn, varicose veins and headaches.

During the class we will also introduce specific positions and breathing exercises that can be useful tools during birthing your baby.

You will be made to feel at ease and made to feel welcome at this vulnerable time in life.

Private one to one sessions only

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