What does Yoga mean to you?

Yoga means different things to different people. Whether you just love to follow the practice for the physical benefits or you gain more benefit from the relaxation or even the balances within the class – remember the practice is yours and only yours……

Come to each class like it’s your first time on a mat and practice without attachment to the asanas (postures) – and most of all always keep it fun!


Future Event…………

Yoga Nidra….

Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) via Zoom

The next evening Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation) class will be on:

Wednesday 30th November 2022, 7.30pm – 8.30pm 

Come and join us, we’re still online – lock the door, switch off the lights and draw the curtains or blinds. Lie down on the floor, a couch or a bed and close your eyes. Let yourself be guided by me for one hour.

Exchange £5

December Sound Bath Meditation……

Saturday 3rd December 2022, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

St.Peters Church, Laleham Road, Staines TW18 2DX

Experience a journey of deep relaxation & inner peace
With Siobhan who be playing healing sounds which will help to release unwanted thoughts, emotions, stress, anxiety and worries.  Lying down or seated with eyes closed, you will be bathed in the sacred sounds of the gong, crystal singing bowls, chimes, voice and other instruments. Immerse yourself in the waves of sound vibrations as they flow through and around you to feel a deep sense of wellbeing. At the end there will be a period of silence to allow the sounds to settle within.

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Exchange £20